Docker-compose cheatsheet

A handy docker-compose cheatsheet for everyday work. Explains docker-compose commands and docker-compose examples. Docker-compose commands cheatsheet docker-compose up docker-compose up [options] [--scale SERVICE=NUM...] [SERVICE...] docker-compose up is used to start a project. It tries to automate a series of operations including building a mirror, (re)creating a service, starting a service, and associating a [Read More]

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Docker compose | running multi-container docker application

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. Just like docker, the docker-compose source code is also officially hosted on GitHub and it is opensource. A Dockerfile is a template to define a single container. But in this real world, you will often need multiple containers e.g database (mysql), message queue like (Apache Kafka or [Read More]

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