Implement a Singly Linked List in JavaScript

A LinkedList is a sequential collection of data. Linked List are of two types, Singly Linked List and Doubly Linked List. In this article, I will discuss how you can use es6 (JavaScript) to implement a Singly Linked List. The example below uses object-oriented features of es6, please refer my previous on Object-Oriented Programming in ES6. Download the course [Read More]

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Object Oriented Programming in ES2015 (es6)

1. What is Object Oriented Programming? An ideal programming language should have good support for Functional (procedural) as well as Object-Oriented Programming. In this article, you will learn Object Oriented Programming in ES2015. The entire idea of Object-oriented programming is to implement real-world characteristics like Objects (entities), Inheritance, Encapsulations, Polymorphism etc in programming. In OOPs, properties and functions are [Read More]

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Complete list of ES2017 (ES8) Features!

ES2017 is also unofficially called as ES8. Most features of es8 (ES2017) are supported in the major browsers and the latest version of Node.js®. I am summarizing the major features here. If you are a hardcore official specification lover, grab a cup of coffee and read the official specification guide, otherwise just continue reading my article, will not take [Read More]

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The Final Feature set of ECMAScript 2016-ES7

ECMAScript 2016 (ES2016) turns out to be a very small release. Well, ES7 (ES2016) has only two (2) features! Array.prototype.includes Exponentiation Operator Checkout the article on Object Oriented Programming in ES2015 (es6) to learn ES6. 1. Array.prototype.includes - Array method includes The includes() method returns a Boolean value (true or false) based on whether an array contains a specific [Read More]

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