RabbitMQ is a high performance and truly interoperable messaging middleware written in Erlang. These articles are in Java & Spring AMQP. Visit the RabbitMQ Tutorial page to take you through a step by step journey of Learning.

Install and Setup RabbitMQ Server

In this article, you will learn to set up a RabbitMQ server for the development purpose using docker-compose. We will download the official rabbitmq docker image, run it. Prerequisites Docker, minimum installed version - 2.0.Docker-compose, minimum installed version - 1.23. Installation of RabbitMQ - docker-compose Step-1) Make sure you have the docker installed in your system by running the below [Read More]

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Elements of AMQP – Advanced Message Queuing protocol

In this tutorial, we will learn the different elements of AMQP to work with RabbitMQ. I have already talked about the basics of RabbitMQ in the previous introduction article. Lets first learn the basics components of any messaging system and then we will get into the elements of AMQP. Basic components of a Messaging system Any messaging system is made [Read More]

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Introduction to RabbitMQ

More and more companies are adapting to Microservices due to reliability and scalability. Software architectures are rethinking their system designs, monolithic applications are evolving into microservices and infrastructures are moving to cloud. Messaging is undoubtedly an important facet of any microservice architecture. RabbitMQ is a message broker (message queuing software) used to exchange data between processes, applications, systems or servers. [Read More]

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