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I'm a naive with ordinary qualities of human being, as I'm not satisfied with the word ordinary, I do a lot of EXTRA things to become extra-ordinary. So far, these efforts are put in practicing the New Modern Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, GraphQL, REST, Web App, System Architecture & Design, Data Structures, Algorithms, MySQL, MongoDB, Javascript, Angular 4+, NodeJS, ExpressJS. I've also tried Python, Django & Android too. Not from IIT, NIIT, IISc.

Use of @Order annotation in Spring

Introduction In this tutorial, we will learn about the @Order annotation in Spring. The @Order annotation in Spring defines the sorting order of beans or components. Before Spring 4.0, this annotation supported only the ordering of AspectJ aspects. Since Spring 4.0, it supports many kinds of components e.g. even for collection injection. 1. The @Order annotation in Spring Right from [...]

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