Advanced Docker tutorial is a complete docker tutorial with examples. This is a Zero to Hero series, to make you up and running with docker. I have created this tutorial to give you an in-depth understanding of docker and docker-compose.

Docker provides a consistent way to develop, package, ship and run an application on almost any platform. You will learn the different services that powers docker, get a grip on the swiss knife tool docker-compose. Get to know the debugging approach to fix any mission-critical issues.


  • Basic knowledge of Shell/Bash script
  • Basic knowledge of Linux

Course Contents – Advanced Docker Tutorial

  1. Introduction to docker
  2. Architecture of Docker
  3. Docker installations
  4. Docker hello world example
  5. Docker image in depth
  6. Docker container in-depth
  7. Docker container Logs and Process management
  8. Data management in docker
  9. Managing networks in docker
  10. Understand Docker compose for running multi-container docker application
  11. Docker-compose cheatsheet
  12. Docker Secrets overview to protect your sensitive data

Upcoming docker articles

  • Docker commands cheatsheet
  • Optimize a docker image
  • Dockerfile reference
  • Other container projects

Download docker examples

All the examples used in this course is available for download on GitHub. Please give me a star if you like them.

I truly appreciate suggestions and feedback from the community. This is what will help me fine-tune the course contents. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. You can additionally request an article on any topic by raising an Issue on JstobigdataGithub Page. Happy Learning.