JMS Message Model

Messages are the heart of JMS, whether it is an event or a business data. Messages consist of a header, custom properties, and a body. This is what you will learn as part of the JMS message model (JMS message anatomy). A JMS message is composed of Header, Properties, and Body (Payload). We will discuss about all of them in [...]

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JMS Prioritize Messages

We will discuss JMS Prioritize messages in detail with examples. The JMSPriority header field of each message represents its priority. I have talked about prioritizing messages in Message Model Tutorial. JMS has 10 priority levels, 0 to 9. 0 is the lowest priority and 9 is the highest priority. As per the JMS standard, a message with priority 0-4 is [...]

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Design patterns in java.

Software Design patterns in java are a custom set of practices that are reusable and used in programming. They solve the most common design-related problems in software development. The basic idea for creating the Design patterns is creating the relationship between classes and objects in a different way resulting in fast development along with a more flexible, reusable and maintainable [...]

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JMS introduction – Java Message Service

JMS stands for Java Message Service which is a standard for accessing messaging middleware servers in Java. This is a JMS introduction tutorial to give you a brief overview of messaging and JMS. You will learn the advantages of using JMS, different messaging models in JMS. What is messaging? Messaging is a process of exchanging Business data across various applications [...]

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Essential maven plugins – plugins for every developer

I already mentioned earlier, maven is just a framework of plugins. This article talks about the essential maven plugins, handy for every developer. There are Maven plugins for almost every task. Make sure you have read my previous article on Maven plugins in-depth. In Effective Pom, I showed you that by default there are several maven plugins that get inherited [...]

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Top Spring Boot Advanced Interview Questions

Today, all the Organisations are moving to Spring boot which is obvious and a smarter way to increase the productivity and features provided. And if you are preparing for your next JAVA Interview then don't be surprised hearing Spring boot questions. Spring boot questions are the most asked questions in the advanced java interview and you should be ready to [...]

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Introduction to Project Lombok

Project Lombok is a Java library that automatically plugs into your editors like an eclipse or IntelliJ and builds tools and helps reduce the boilerplate code. In this tutorial, you will learn how Lombok help us to create getter, setters, toString, constructor, equals, hashCode methods, etc automatically. This article mainly includes information about Project Lombok and it's annotations with examples.

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Maven plugins in-depth

Maven at its core is a plugin execution framework. All work is done by plugins. Looking for a specific goal to execute? This page lists the core plugins and others. In this section, you will learn what are maven plugins, how to use and configure them.

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