This is an advanced JPA tutorial with hibernate 5.x. JPA stands for Java Persistence API. It is the official java specification to work with an ORM tool. Learn JPA 2.2 with Hibernate 5.x in the right way and with a lot of code examples.


  • Programming knowledge in Java.
  • Basic knowledge of JDBC programming.
  • JDK 8 installed on your system.
  • Apache Maven 3.3 or higher installed.
  • Spring STS or IntelliJ as an IDE for running and debugging the code.

Course Contents – Advanced JPA Tutorial

The course content is created in a way that it becomes relevant for beginners as well as advanced programmers. I would appreciate your feedback in the comments below.

A. JPA Basics – Entity, attributes and entity mapping

  1. Introduction to JPA and Hibernate
  2. Entity class Basics – its attributes & metadata
  3. Steps to persist an Entity in database
  4. Understand the different Entity states
  5. Mapping Entity Class & Access Types in JPA

B. Primary Key, and key generation strategies.

  1. Identifiers overview and primary key generation strategy
  2. Composite Identifiers – Mapping of Derived Identities

C. Associations, Inheritance, and Collections mapping

D. Querying Entities

E. Entity Lifecycle, callbacks, and Listeners

F. JPA 2.2 within Java EE 7

Download code examples

All code examples are available for download, from the below link.

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