Service Discovery Patterns in Microservices

In a real-world situation, due to various reasons like auto-scaling and fault tolerance mechanisms, often you will need to spin up and spin down various applications (containers). Because of this, their locations like IP addresses, Hostnames, etc may change. For this reason, DNS - with its time-to-live expiration values - may be a poor fit for service discovery and location. [Read More]

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The API Gateway Pattern in Microservices

An API Gateway acts as a proxy between the Client Apps and the microservices endpoints. I have explained in the previous article (Introduction to Microservices Architecture), that each microservice exposes a set of fine-grained endpoints. Each of these services can be hosted on a different server, hence exposing different host URLs. In this article, we will explore the need for [Read More]

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Introduction to Microservices Architecture

This is a long boring introduction to Microservices Architecture, I will try to make it as relevant and interesting as possible. You will learn the differences between Monolithic and Microservices architecture. The various strategies used to decompose a Monolithic system into Microservices based architecture. It is difficult to give you an overview of this architecture in a single article, but [Read More]

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